Disappear Here: An Art Exhibition by Matt Skiba and Heather Gabel

The other night, I went and checked out Disappear Here: a collaboration by the Alkaline Trio dude and the wife of Against Me!'s lead singer. I wasn't really impressed. All of the pieces looked like Xeroxes of textbook pictures of old relics and ruins with little stencils of some branch spray-painted  on. What's more? They wanted $250 a pop for the aforementioned. Anyhoo, maybe I'm just a negative Nancy and hater of really rad art. Who knows? So here's what their Facebox event page says:

"Johalla Projects is pleased to announce Disappear Here, an exhibition of new work from artist Heather Gabel, in collaboration with longtime friend and Alkaline Trio front man Matt Skiba. The exhibition will feature mixed media collage and painting, as well as a short film produced and directed by Gabel and scored by Skiba."

"The pair's work, like their friendship, is divinely cohesive and seemingly created in tandem when, in actuality, the two live thousands of miles apart. Skiba's contribution to the works on paper is reactionary to the mystical pretense of Gabel's illusory imagery, while his accompaniment to the film is inspired solely by his internal deconstruction of a single photographic environment that transcends both space and time. In this sense, the resulting works are reflective and serene."

"Disappear Here endeavors to exile the viewer to a meditative place of solitude that hangs heavy with a duality that is at once alienating and self-affirming. The pieces represent the genesis, completion, and infinite nature of a past, a present, and a future in full command of the power to continually re-manifest itself. The result is deliberate, impenetrable – a fortress of the self, strengthened by the alchemies of birth and death."