Teenage Bottlerocket and Tobias Jeg Discuss Their Halloween Faves

We caught up with Miguel and Kody  from Teenage Bottlerocket along with  TOBIAS JEG at a recent taping for a forthcoming JBTV episode. Among other topics, we touched on some of their Favorite Halloween music and movies. Check out the videos to see all the wacky hijinks that ensued.

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Riot Fest Chicago 2012 (pictorial)

This year's Riot Fest was, well, a Riot! Actually maybe it more resembled a three-ringed circus, as there were clowns, freakshows, randomly roving  and scantily clad marching bands, professional wrasslin', carnival rides (and of course that means carnies). Add to that 50+ punk (or punkish) bands that played on (something like) 8 different stages, factor in the copious amounts of booze and its not hard to imagine the rock'n'roll weekend that ensued. 

 Our livers are on the decline, so we opted for "Riot Fest Light" package, skipping the after-parties and just attending the Saturday and Sunday Humboldt Park shows. Click the read more button and check out a slideshow of all the crazy shit that went down including shots of NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, GWAR, Hot Water Music, Gaslight Anthem, Elvis Costello, Fishbone, The Adicts, along with an intensely pissed off Honkey Tonk Man and Tito Santana !

Ben Weasel at Odds with Documentarians

Whether fair or not, Ben Weasel has never been known as one to "go with the flow" and over time has earned a reputation as being somewhat of a jerk. First, it was the quarrels with bandmates (many of them). Over the years, disagreements and creative differences turned his band, Screeching Weasel, into a tilt-a-whirl of  a rotating cast that continues to this day. There have also been the occasional flair ups with people outside of his band, usually purveyed through Mr. Weasel's writings. Then there was the chick that threw ice and spat at him during one of his shows. What followed (him punching her in the grill) has come to be known as the "infamous SXSW Incident". Now, it seems he has beef with the very people interested in producing a Screeching Weasel documentary. It's hard to say exactly what went on between the two parties but what is certain is that Ben has severed ties with the makers of the film, tentatively titled What We Hate. What follows are excerpts of their ensuing Facebook spat.