Jughead's Selling a Piece of Punk History

A piece of punk rock history has made its way to the auction block as John "Jughead" Pierson recently put his first guitar (I.E. the guitar all those neato little Screeching Weasel riffs were written and performed on) up for sale on ebay.

According to the post, Jughead says:

"This is my last item to sell of the band previously know as Screeching Weasel. It is my swimming pool. And I will only let it go for at least the price of one month of my mortgage." To sweeten the deal, he adds " It comes with the original Case. The cord has been literally cut out of its body, so much maintenance needed to make it functional. There is a setlist in there too for the record release of our cover record of The Ramones First Record. You can read the story about it at: johnjugheadpierson.blogspot.com" What's more, he's throwing in 3 Benneton, 1 Indy Trucks, 1 Garbage Pail and a slew of smiley face stickers for free.

If you just so happen to have $801.00 laying around, ya better act fast as you have exactly 2 days and 20 hours left at press time to place your bid HERE.

The auction is now over. For those interested, the final selling price reached $1,301.00 after 21 bids! Bidding was heated and the auction came to a climatic ending with an anonymous bidder pulling a reverse Price is Right “one dollar, Bob” maneuver at the last minute, outbidding the next highest bidder by a mere 100 pennies.
Via Facebook Jughead says:
"For all those concerned, my guitar is in good hands. He is a local Illinois boy and will be picking it up Thursday. This is one of the many messages we have just shared since the purchase All Caps. He was excited: ! CANT WAIT TO SEE IT AND MOST OF ALL I CANT WAIT TO SELL IT BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU GET BACK ON YOUR FEET. ITS YOURS IT WILL JUST BE ON DISPLAY AT MY POP PUNK MUSEUM AKA MY OFFICE.

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