Bruise Reviews: Bouncing Souls - Comet

Rise/Chunksaah Records 2012

In an industry where the majority of artists are never-were’s and if success is ever found, it’s just as a flash in the pan, it’s quite an achievement to find any amount of recognition, let alone a 20+ year career in punk rock. Not only have the Bouncing Souls done so, they’ve triumphed and appear to have hit their stride. With that, a certain maturity has been found seeing the band grow in technical proficiency, songwriting ability and downright passion with each successive album. Now, with the release of Comet, their 9th album, 2 questions arise: Can dudes in their 40s really put out poignant music? To which, the answer is yes. But, will Ghosts on the Boardwalk, be the pinnacle of their career or will they continue to top themselves? Not so fast…