Bruise Reviews: The Old Firm Casuals – We Want the Lion’s Share

(Oi! The Boat Records)

For the longest time, Lars Fredriksen was that other “Mohawk-sporting dude” from Rancid that played guitar and would occasionally sing a song or two. Then, in 2001, he suddenly ducked out of the shadows for a taste of the limelight with his side project Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards. After two albums with ‘the Bastards (s/t and Viking) and a world tour, he seemed comfortable in proving his ability with his given solo success. Years rolled by while fans clamored for more of his straight-forward brand of punk rock.  However, little was heard from Lars, aside from Rancid’s Let the Dominoes Fall. Well, wait no longer; after six years, L. Fred is back with an entirely new side project that features another able backing band. Aside from Lars, the three-piece, dubbed The Old Firm Casuals, is comprised of Casey Watson (of Look Back and Laugh & Never Healed) on bass and Paul Rivas (of Never Healed)  manning the drum kit.