Frisbees: A Black and Blue editorial

I find it funny that the majority of self-defined music aficionados (read: hipster pricks) I come across these days claim that records (as in vinyl) are the end all, be all when it comes to a means of listening to music. This backwards-assed mentality is akin to insisting that a 12 inch black and white television set is better than a 42 inch high definition flat screen with surround sound. Sure the retro wistfulness is cute, but don’t try to pass that bullshit off on me. The advantages of iPods (and MP3 players in general) clearly far outweigh any nostalgia factor that “the wheels of steel” have to offer.

Bloody Mess and the Hollowbodys live at Liar's Club, Chicago

Reigning from Peoria, Illinois and having held his own with the likes of G.G. Allin in the punk scene since 1983, Bloody F. Mess (and his backing band the Hollowbodys) killed it at the Liar's Club in Chicago.