Flatfoot 56 "The Hourglass" @ Riot Fest Chicago 2011

Bruise Reviews: The Old Firm Casuals – We Want the Lion’s Share

(Oi! The Boat Records)

For the longest time, Lars Fredriksen was that other “Mohawk-sporting dude” from Rancid that played guitar and would occasionally sing a song or two. Then, in 2001, he suddenly ducked out of the shadows for a taste of the limelight with his side project Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards. After two albums with ‘the Bastards (s/t and Viking) and a world tour, he seemed comfortable in proving his ability with his given solo success. Years rolled by while fans clamored for more of his straight-forward brand of punk rock.  However, little was heard from Lars, aside from Rancid’s Let the Dominoes Fall. Well, wait no longer; after six years, L. Fred is back with an entirely new side project that features another able backing band. Aside from Lars, the three-piece, dubbed The Old Firm Casuals, is comprised of Casey Watson (of Look Back and Laugh & Never Healed) on bass and Paul Rivas (of Never Healed)  manning the drum kit.

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MICKEY live @ Double Door, Chicago

The Windy City's "scum pop savages" took to the stage on a stormy night in late June of 2011. Beers were spilled, concert goers were accosted and all asses in attendance were sufficiently rocked. The Black & Blue Press was there and caught it all on tape...

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or on their Hozac Records page (which includes a link to purchase their new debut album Rock'n'Roll Dreamer) @ http://hozacrecords.com/2010/08/mickey/

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Alma Negra @ Beat Kitchen Chicago

The newly formed Alma Negra recently brought their brand of mind-blowing heaviness to the stage at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago for their second show. The Black & Blue Press was there...

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Frisbees: A Black and Blue editorial

I find it funny that the majority of self-defined music aficionados (read: hipster pricks) I come across these days claim that records (as in vinyl) are the end all, be all when it comes to a means of listening to music. This backwards-assed mentality is akin to insisting that a 12 inch black and white television set is better than a 42 inch high definition flat screen with surround sound. Sure the retro wistfulness is cute, but don’t try to pass that bullshit off on me. The advantages of iPods (and MP3 players in general) clearly far outweigh any nostalgia factor that “the wheels of steel” have to offer.

Bloody Mess and the Hollowbodys live at Liar's Club, Chicago

Reigning from Peoria, Illinois and having held his own with the likes of G.G. Allin in the punk scene since 1983, Bloody F. Mess (and his backing band the Hollowbodys) killed it at the Liar's Club in Chicago. 

Cobra Skulls @ Beat kitchen Chicago (video)

Cobra Skulls marched across America recently and burned everything in their path. Although the streets of Chicago were buried beneath a foot of snow, the trio set the crowd ablaze when they lit up the stage at the Beat Kitchen.

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The Copyrights live New Years Eve at the Fireside Bowl Chicago

The Copyrights rang in the new year playing a raucous set to a throng of drunken punk rockers at the historic Fireside Bowl in Chicago. The Black and Blue Press was there and now, through the wonders of technology, you can ring in the new year all over again (this time easy on the sauce,eh). Click read more to check out the video.