OFF! (ft. Keith Morris) All 4 videos from soon-to-be released EP

 Once upon a time, in the sleepy coastal hamlet of Hermosa Beach, California, a beast by the name of Keith Morris was born unto this world. 

 Young Keith, stricken with adolescent angst and malevolence, found a much needed outlet for his pent up hostility as front-man of a little high school band who had taken up residence at a local abandoned church. 

 Although, his band-mates went on to fortify the institution now known as Black Flag; this rabid dog had out-grown his leash, yet remained steadfast in his quest to destroy everything in his path. Ultimately the monster found a home as the mouthpiece of the legendary Circle Jerks.
Throughout the next 30 years this legion of doom thrashed their way through the land, leaving only charred remains where stages once stood. As the years went by these displays of rage and unbridled anger became more and more sporadic; until the world went as far as to question whether time had rendered Morris inert.

 Like a wild animal awaking from a lengthy hibernation and hungry for blood, Keith Morris has returned to reclaim his throne with an ire unprecedented in the punk rock community. 

Bear the four-headed hydra identified simply as OFF!

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