The Black & Blue Press' Top 10 Punk Albums of 2010

It’s been a tough year for most folks, that’s for certain. With unemployment rates soaring, the Tea Baggers and their bullshit, airport screeners groping our junk, and unexplained missiles shooting off the coast of California, it’s a wonder any of us made it through with our sanity intact. Luckily, there have been quite a few stellar albums to while the days away. Check out the top 10 albums that perked our ears in this great and terrible year of our lord, 2010.

Last Minute Punk Rock Holiday Gift Ideas

  Having a hard time holiday shopping for that special punker in your life? Let the Black and Blue Press lend a helping hand with these punk rock holiday gift ideas....

Bruise News Brief: Social Distortion on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)

 After 30 years, Social Distortion finally made their late night television debut last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out their performances of "Machine Gun Blues" (off the upcoming album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes) and the classic "Story of My Life"  below.

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Top 10 Punk Rock Christmas Songs of All-time

     Hold on to your hats (and your wallets/purses for that matter), yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner is today’s indigestion (what exactly is a giblet anyway?) and the fact that “Christmas is right around the corner” is something we’re all going to have to come to grips with. The bad news is you have to suffer the family, the long lines, and the always awkward present buying decisions; the good news is we threw together a list of the top 10 punk rock Christmas songs of all time to help pass the days until New Years Eve.  After all, who wants to listen to the traditional droll when there are so many bangin' punk rock Xmas tunes out there?

The Slog Movie

  Rarely seeing the light of day in the last 20 years, Dave Markey’s The Slog Movie is a cross section of the early 80’s L.A. punk scene. It picks up where Decline of Western Civilization and Another State of Mind leave off featuring vintage performances by the likes of Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., Redd Kross, Fear, Henry Rollins/Chuck Dukowski/Robo/Dez Cadena (otherwise known as Black Flag, at the time prevented from using their band’s name by a pending lawsuit by former label Unicorn Records) and more. While Slog lacks any slick production work, its Super 8mm home-movie feel is captivating as it follows the punk/hardcore scene across Los Angeles (including behind the scenes footage, a commercial for Raymond Pettibone skateboards and a quick peek into the legendary Okie Dogs hotdog stand). Check it out in its entirety below.

Swiss Dots @ Saki Records Chicago

We had the opportunity to catch an intimate in-store performance from Chicago's Swiss Dots (@ Saki Records 3716 W. Fullerton, Chicago) , of course we jumped at the chance and even shot a little video. Check out a portion of the show (7 song playlist) below:

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Bruise News 11/03/10: OFF!, Social D, Blag Dahlia, Flogging Molly, Bosstones

…Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives got you down? We all know this two party system is bullshit anyway. So, let’s turn off and tune out the talking heads on CNN and scope out a cross-section of the news from around the punk rock world. Cheer up, here’s the Bruise News!

OFF! (ft. Keith Morris) All 4 videos from soon-to-be released EP

 Once upon a time, in the sleepy coastal hamlet of Hermosa Beach, California, a beast by the name of Keith Morris was born unto this world. 

 Young Keith, stricken with adolescent angst and malevolence, found a much needed outlet for his pent up hostility as front-man of a little high school band who had taken up residence at a local abandoned church. 

 Although, his band-mates went on to fortify the institution now known as Black Flag; this rabid dog had out-grown his leash, yet remained steadfast in his quest to destroy everything in his path. Ultimately the monster found a home as the mouthpiece of the legendary Circle Jerks.
Throughout the next 30 years this legion of doom thrashed their way through the land, leaving only charred remains where stages once stood. As the years went by these displays of rage and unbridled anger became more and more sporadic; until the world went as far as to question whether time had rendered Morris inert.

 Like a wild animal awaking from a lengthy hibernation and hungry for blood, Keith Morris has returned to reclaim his throne with an ire unprecedented in the punk rock community. 

Bear the four-headed hydra identified simply as OFF!

Click "read more" below to view all 4 videos in their entirety.

Screeching Weasel live @ Reggie's Chicago (entire show)

Ben Weasel and Danny Vapid recently resurrected Screeching Weasel for a couple shows (and possible new album?). Here's the 2/26/2010 Chicago show at Reggie's. Watch it below or in fullscreen 480p on YouTube here:

"What's your favorite show ever?"

People often ask me what my favorite show over the years has
been; and almost every time my answer changes. More often than not it’s my very
first punk rock show; and to this day the sketchiest show I’ve ever been to,
maybe it was just the fact that I was 14 at the time.


Sometimes I reference the first and only time I saw the
Ramones (they played all their classics at double time in the course of an hour
at an amazing venue).