Interview: Pink Lincolns (Chris Barrows, Dorsey Martin, Kevin Coss)

Pink Lincolns
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 Punk rock has always had that east coast/west coast thing going on for as long as I can remember. And where-as it's never become as polarized as the hip hop scene, there have always been lines drawn in the sand. Lines drawn by a varying array of sounds, attitudes and beliefs. Well let me tell ya something, down in "god's waiting room" (Florida) we have an east and a west coast. And frankly we've never given a shit about where anybody was from; at least in the Tampa Bay area anyway. Where in a night's time, balls to the wall hardcore acts, in your face punk bands and the occaisional metal act would share the stage without batting an eye. If the music rocked, goddamn it, we were gonna slam dance to it . Granted, these days alot of shit's changed. But one thing that's always held true is, if the Pink Lincolns were on the bill with their furious brand of punk (think Black Flag meets Screeching Weasel), hold onto your hats ladies & gentlemen, you were in for one hell of a show.

 Busting onto the scene in the late 80's, 20 some odd years later they've never looked back. Driven by the original gruesome twosome, frontman Chris Barrows' growling vocals and snide and often humorous commentary, Dorsey Martin's imaginative work on the six string, alongside (long time Lincoln) Kevin Coss' heavy basslines and greenhorn turned old hand Jeff Fox on the skins, the Pink Lincolns have always been a force to be reckoned with. Having had more than their share of influence on locals like myself and punkers nationwide, I jumped at the chance to shoot the shit with these punk rock veterans. But I must admit, in the weeks prior to the interview, I forged myself for what I expected to be a nightmare scenario of an interview, the old guard ripping apart the new guard. But nothing could've been further from the truth. Most notable was Chris' laidback demeanor and general approachability, a direct contridiction from the animal I've seen throughout the years ripping up show after show. The following is a steadfast testament to an ingregrity and credibility most bands these days pay PR people to whip up. Never succumbing to passing trends, and the glitz and glamour of big money, they've always done it on their own terms. Without further ado, I present The Pink Lincolns.