Bruise News: RNC Protests - Those Damn Punks/Here Comes the Mace

What the rest of the press is failing to report is; George Bush couldn't make the party not because of some hurricane hitting a city he couldn't care less about but instead he had his hands full shooting women w/ paintball guns loaded w/ pepper filled ammo, arresting hippies and institutionalizing singing people. So what if he had a mask on, I'd recognize those beady eyes anywhere. If you gotta go out, go out w/ a bang, eh. Those good ol' boys from Texas sure have a sense of humor.

Is it wrong that I laugh at this coverage. First, the guy dressed as a flamboyant version of Cobra Commander says " I'm marching to prove to my community that protesters aren't treated correctly" (in other words "I'm praying I get my ass kicked by the 'man' today"). Then somebody spraypaints the camera that's covering the march (and probably would have had the best footage). And last but certainly not least, the segment where the reporter says ominously " were smashed, this one with a hammer..." as the camera pans down to an abandoned hammer laying next to shattered glass. For Pete's sake, who lost there hammer? That's where the story is; reuniting man and hammer goddamnit.

And can somebody explain to me how Fox News keeps getting the best footage? My guess is those "self-described anarchists" everybody is talking about are secretly working for Rupert Murdoch and are charged with the responsibility of destroying other stations equipment.

PS. I bought that video for $5 on the Red Line.

And for the finaly; I present "Cops wearing gas masks while riding bicycles"!

Yes sir, it's a 3 ring circus up in Minneapolis this week, and son-of-a-bitch, I have to work.

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