Interview: Under the Bar @ Club Foot w/ co-owner Chuck Uchida


Sure, Chicago is known for a number of different things; deep dish pizza, ridiculously tall buildings, Screeching Weasel, Jerry Springer, etc, etc. A little known fact to the outside world is the Windy City is home to 1,000's of bars, each with their own distinct personality and flavor, a veritable drunkard's paradise if you will. That said, I'm a picky son-of-a-bitch and few is the bar I can belly up to and truly feel comfortable. Club Foot is one such place. Sure, the staff is uber-friendly, the drinks are just like I like'm (strong and cheap) and it's a short stumble home (for me at least). But, 2 things keep pulling me back to this Ukrainian Village/Wicker Park haunt: The DJs always keep you guessing with a grab bag of righteous grooves (punk, power pop, indie, soul, you-name-it.....). And the place is slathered head to toe in pop culture kitsch ranging from long forgotten rock memorabilia to a billion bizarre little knick-knacks made up of Happy Meal prizes and toys from the past 30 years. The latter gives me that warm welcoming feel of grandma's trailer (if only she would of fed me whiskey instead of that goddamn cream of mushroom soup). The aforementioned reasons make Club Foot one of my favorite bars to "get my drink on" at. So, recently I set out to get a little historical background on the joint and see what makes Club Foot tick via a chat w/ co-owner Chuck Uchida. What a great excuse to get sloshed!


STZA (Leftover Crack/ Choking Victim) arrested in NYC (vids)

 Stza (aka Scott Sturgeon) of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim and Star Fucking Hipsters fame was among a handful of people arrested at a show/protest in NYC's Tompkins Square this past Saturday. Stza's arrest stems from an impromptu acoustic concert following the scheduled demonstration. During said set he led the crowd in pro-cop-killing anthems (Crack Rock Steady and One Dead Cop; 2 of his most popular numbers) and at one point threw donuts at the police in the vicinity. What Sturgeon was ultimately charged w/ is still unclear. What is clear (as the videos below illustrate) is the night is the epitome of general asinine behavior. See for yourself:

Bruise News: RNC Protests - Those Damn Punks/Here Comes the Mace

What the rest of the press is failing to report is; George Bush couldn't make the party not because of some hurricane hitting a city he couldn't care less about but instead he had his hands full shooting women w/ paintball guns loaded w/ pepper filled ammo, arresting hippies and institutionalizing singing people. So what if he had a mask on, I'd recognize those beady eyes anywhere. If you gotta go out, go out w/ a bang, eh. Those good ol' boys from Texas sure have a sense of humor.