Bruise Reviews: Teenage Rehab - Goodbye Sanity

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 London, New York, Boston, LA, San Fran, DC, Chicago........ Paducah, Kentucky?!? That's right kids, punk has found it's way into small town, USA. And judging by Teenage Rehab's latest release Goodbye Sanity (EP), it's about 20 years behind the rest of the punk world. Which considering the landscape of the scene today, it's the breath of fresh air the Warped generation is gasping for . While most so called punk bands are busy putting on their eyeliner, perfecting their on-stage antics and singing about love lost and a billion other politically-correct-and-socially-aware topics, Teenage Rehab have brought back the no frills, anti-social, angst and anxiety filled music that made maladjusted youth across the land dive head first into the pit so many years ago.