Bruise Reviews: Me First & the Gimme Gimmes – Have Another Ball

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 Punk rock covers were a cultural phenomenon throughout the 90's. Every Tom, Dick and Harry w/ a guitar, bass and drum kit were somehow compelled by forces unknown to redo songs from every corner of pop culture. At times, they out shined the originals, however, more often than not, they just plain sucked. Ultimately, the gimmick wore thin. So, after all these years, why do Me First & the Gimme Gimmes persist in putting out records comprised of nothing but covers? Because they're damn good at it.

 For those unfamiliar, the band is somewhat of a punk rock super group comprised of members of NOFXLagwagonSwingin' Utters, and the Foo Fighters. Originally formed as an outlet for their mutual admiration of 60's and 70's music, the band never intended on releasing the fruits of their labor. As time went on, demand grew and the band was compelled to put out albums and begin touring (when time allowed).

 Their latest release, Have Another Ball commemorates the 10th anniversary of their first full length, Have a Ball. In fact, the album is comprised of the B-sides from those original recording sessions (according to sources, Have a Ball was originally slated to be a double album). This time out, the boys take on heavyweights like Elton John, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross and toss in a little more Simon & Garfunkel for good measure. Sure, most of the tracks can be found on various comps from years past, but even in the day and age of P2P file sharing some of the tracks would prove hard to find elsewhere . And although their last effort Love Their Country (which covers both kinds of music; country & western) was widely hit & miss, Have Another Ball finds the Gimmes right on target. 

  So next time mom starts bitching about all that god awful noise coming from your bedroom, throw this album on and watch her whistle along (with the hits from her time) as she cleans up after your filthy ass.

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