Interview: Guttermouth (Mark Adkins, Don Horne, Scott Sheldon)

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I caught up with the guys of Guttermouth a while back, with them releasing their new album last week I figured I'd post this up on the top of the blog 'cause I'm feeling lazy (IE:I'm still mourning Steve Irwin by watching video taped episodes of The Crocodile Hunter and taking massive bong rips all day & night).

Anyway, as you may notice, the whole lot of us are drunk off our asses for the interview and get side tracked a couple of times. Enjoy!

Big D - So how did Guttermouth come to be?

MARK - Personal ad. The personal section in the local rag.

DON - I was playing nose flute at the time.

MARK- Nose flute player seeks singer and back up band. Have you ever seen the nose flute?

Big D - Can't say that I have.

MARK - It's a great instrument from India or Africa I believe, one of those places. And Don is the master of the nose flute

DON - Yeah, I can do the theme from Titanic

* breaks into Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" with whistling nose*

Big D -  I'm king of the world!

MARK- You'd make a great Leonardo.

Big D -  Sorry, I couldn't contain myself, I love that movie.
So, there's been a few line-up changes since Guttermouth's inception?

MARK - Yeah, things change. Shit happens. Like evolution, we were born with tails and we crawled around on our knuckles, some lost their tails and stopped on their knuckles and others didn't and are now incarcerated in what is known as a zoo.

Big D - So who's in the band these days?

MARK- Me, Scott (Sheldon) and Clint (Heidenrich) sometimes. Those are the three original guys. Don (Horne) has been with us for awhile. Then there's Kevin (Clark) who fills in when Clint can't make it, and this goofball Ryan (Ferrel). Which is a good mix, they're younger than we are (Ryan and Kevin). They're like the kids of the band. We keep a toy box in the van for them so they can play as we drive. It keeps them entertained

Big D - You guys were on the first Warped Tour, you shared the stage with acts like Sublime, Face to Face and Civ who are now defunct for one reason or another, Do you feel lucky to still going strong?

MARK - Boy that's an understatement! No, luck has nothing to do with it. Actually it's perseverance, hard work and determination that make us who we are today. The four D's of Guttermouth.

Big D - How has the Warped Tour and punk in general changed since then?

MARK- Oh it's getting better! ~maniacal laughter all around~ with each day that passes I wake up a better brighter person and more optimistic about the punk scene in general because it seems to be progressing in a fashion I deem acceptable

Big D - But bands didn't used to get sued by some jerk-off's parents who got hurt stage diving at a show?

Mark - Yeah, they thought they we're going to get a whole bunch of money from some big rock band. Guess what, we didn't have any! Really the whole genre should've died long ago.

Big D -  You guys are still doing it.

MARK - That's because we can. It doesn't make it right. It should've died along time ago.

Big D -  Ok, So the song Black Enforcers off your last album (Covered in Ants), you make mention of a Jay Santos, every time my roommate gets drunk he claims to know Jay Santos and insists everyone knows it's nine times against the wall (which you also mention on the same song). Could you shed some light on me as to what the hell he's talking about?

MARK- It's actually General Jay Santos. He's the general of the Citizen's Auxiliary Police in the Southern California area branch. What he basically does is roams around town and looks for people who look a little unsavory, namely people with 5 O'clock shadows, and points them out to the authorities as terrorists. He's got a good eye for that sort of thing. So that's General Jay Santos. Nine times against the wall comes from the feature film that went straight to video, Black Enforcers (it's basically for truckers or something) there's this one scene where this pimp is banging his bitch's head against the wall 'cause she was trying to rip off her pimp, and you don't do that.

Big D - So everybody knows it's 9 times against the wall?

MARK - Everybody who's in the know, knows it's nine times against the wall, I just couldn't fit that in the song, so sorry about the confusion.

Big D - Off your last album (Eat Your Face), the song Octopus Hairpiece is about a balding middle-aged man who loses his hairpiece while surfing, how do you come up with this shit? Alcohol? Drugs?

MARK - It really happened. This guy was out in a pair of Speedos, he needed a hairpiece he didn't actually have one or know he needed one at this juncture in his life. So he was out there surfing and this octopus handed him one when he landed on his head. Speaking of which, it looks like you could use a visit from the octopus

Big D - Yeah, male pattered baldness is a bitch.

~Mark grabs my head in a modified iron claw aka the Octopus Hairpiece~
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Big D - How about Hotdog to the Head (also on Eat Your Face)?

MARK - That was Dave our old merch guy. He made up that little saying while he was getting wasted one night he said "I'm gonna give you a hotdog to the head right before you go to bed". So we had this board on the refrigerator of the van and you could write stupid slogans, one liners or whatever. That board is where a lot of that shit came from.

Big D - A lot of people don't get Guttermouth's sense of humor. I noticed a couple of posts on the internet labeling you guys as sexist homophobes and even going as far to call you "those asshole jocks from high school". Care to clear any of that up?

MARK - Yip, Yip. Absolutely all of that is true.

SCOTT- Who was a jock?

MARK - Let's just say we are and claim everything. Did you say racist? Guttermouth is not racist. But we are totally sexist, men rule the world!

SCOTT- We may be realists, definitely not racist.

Big D - You took a lot of flak for variance in sound that sets Gusto apart from your other albums; did that have any affect on the return to Guttermouth's more familiar sound?

MARK - Nope just like driving a car, shifting gears. We do whatever we want.

DON- We got the idea to do some country sounding stuff from the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou.

Big D - With all the time put into Guttermouth (IE recording, touring, lawsuits) how often do you get a chance to paddle out?

MARK - As often as we want pretty much. We don't work that hard. We're pretty lazy about touring and stuff. We've done it a lot but we're pretty lazy about it. We'd rather be at home and punkin' around. So yeah, quite a bit actually, lots of time. The road gets boring fast. We do three week trips at the most.

Big D - What kind of stick are you riding these days?

MARK - A Hobie Fusion, my girlfriend bought it for me last year. My chick knows one of the shapers over there.

Big D - You ever get a chance to surf on tour?

MARK - Yeah in Australia. We schedule a lot of days off when we're down there. Around the States. You're usually in one city and off to the next. No real time for anything

Big D - Since surfing doesn't play a factor, where's your favorite place to play on the east coast?

MARK - Favorite place on the east coast Providence, Rhode Island.

Big D - Really? Why?

MARK- No, I'm kidding, I don't think there is one. And I'm not saying they're all good or bad, Jacksonville Beach on this trip. Good show. I'll roll with that for now.

Big D - You have a new DVD coming out soon tell us about.

MARK-We do?

Big D -  Beyond the Warped?

MARK - Somebody filmed some stuff and we checked it out. We had nothing to do with it. But it was ok, so we were cool with it.

Big D -  I noticed the Epitaph website took down all Guttermouth related material, are you still on their label.

MARK - No we're done with them and they're done with us.

Big D - Any plans for '06?

MARK - Well, we're gonna make another record, we better. It will be on Volcom's label. It's supposed to come out July 4th. We're working on it right now. Hopefully we'll finish it in a timely manner, which probably won't happen. But it's supposed to come out July 4th. It's going to be a long year.

Big D - With so many old school punk bands still around these days (see Subhumans, Circle Jerks and Social Distortion) where do you see yourself in 20 years?

MARK - living in the back of my car foraging for food behind the Food Riot, the post apocalyptic super market me and Ferrel Rian and I are starting. We're ready for the apocalypse.

Big D -  Thanks for your time bro.

MARK - Anytime, Delorian

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