Bruise Reviews: Blowfly - Punk Rock Party

 2006 Alternative Tentacles
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 When did the PG-13 set takeover punk? For dog's sake, I seen so many pre-teens at the Warped Tour this year I started feeling like Dorothy in an over priced version of Oz. So who can save us from this prepubescent plague, you ask? None other than the father of nasty rap and arguably hip hop itself, Blowfly (AKA Clarence Reid). Although he's always remained on the outskirts of the music biz (mainly due to the fact there aren't many of his songs the pro-puritan FCC will allow over the airwaves), there's something to be said about a man whose music career spans over 3 decades time. Most known for his filthy parodies of popular music (think Weird Al meets 2 Live Crew), but to leave at that wouldn't be proper. The fact of the matter is Blowfly has a lengthy catalog of incomparable originals to boot (maybe even enough to fill that pink I-pod your grandma got for Christmas). 2006 finds the masked legend up to his old tricks again, this time taking on, taking back and taking over the world of punk rock. And why the hell not? Have you heard what passes as punk these days? And surprisingly, as far I as know, nobody's put out a punk parody album. After all these years, Blowfly still has the voice to belt'em out along with a backing band of deviants to do it all justice in this off the wall stroll down punk rock's memory lane.

 Blowfly's renditions of The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho?), The Circle Jerk's Wild in the Streets (Wild in the Sheets) and Black Flag's TV Party (VD Party) amongst a slew of other classics, are sure to set any gathering of old school punkers into a chorus of laughter. All are done true to original form, and as usual Blowfly foregoes the original verses replacing them with his brand of sexually deviant yet light hearted lyrics. The two standout tracks that'll have you changing your pissed pants are the covers of The Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated (I Wanna Be Fellated) and Dead Kennedy's Holiday in Cambodia (R. Kelly in Cambodia), the latter of the two Blowfly is joined by punk icon (and original DK's frontman) Jello Biafra to bust on one his now favorite targets, R&B's own resident chester. For good measure, there's a couple originals thrown into the mix. And that might be the most impressive part of this whole album, A 60 year old man making original punk rock for the first time, and doing it with authority.
Bottom line: Punk Rock Party is a masterpiece. The self proclaimed Porno Freak has scored an instant classic here, and Punk Rock Party is a sure bet to go down in punk rock history .

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