Bruise Reviews: NOFX - Wolves in Wolves Clothing

NOFX - Wolves in Wolves Clothing

 Unless youve been living under a rock (or behind the 7-11) for the last decade or so, chances are youve heard NOFX. And chances are you either love them or hate them. My guess as to why this is, is that the San Fran based quartet has a boatload of undeniable talent. The only reason to not like the band is a differing taste in music (and/or politics). Their latest (of 12 albums, a handful of EPs, a double disc B-side collection, a split w/ Rancid, innumerable 7 inches and a 7 Inch of the Month Club?, but whos counting) Wolves in Wolves Clothing isn't going to change anybodys opinion. Its exactly the kind of album youd expect from NOFXloud fast punk with intelligent social/political themes combined with an occasional break of adolescent humor and word play.

 60 Percent kicks the album off with a little over a minute of laid back tuneage that slips into an explosion of tongue-in-cheek honesty- "Its not that we dont pull it, its just we only give 60 or so percent - Would you rather be fed bullshit from some 20 something make-up wearing pop star?". And as long as were all being honest, it sounds like they only put about 60 percent into making Wolves.But give me a new NOFX album anytime over what passes as punk these days. Seeing Double at the Triple Rock is an example of classic NOFX style (lyrically and musically), breathing new air into organized religion with the introduction of the idea of holding Sunday service down at the pub (and Im all for it, Praise the Lord!). The Man I Killed is an up-tempo country influenced track with lyrics reminiscent of Johnny Cash's prison songs. Instant Crassic still has me confused, and these boys have been known to leave you guessing (See: Cantado en Espanol, its entirely in Spanish) it starts much like any other NOFX song, then fades out as the song seemingly continues (maybe they felt the rest of the song sucked and we didnt need to hear it anyway). The disc ends the same way it started with 60 percent Reprisein which lead singer Fat Mike proclaims "I suppose thats how we'll go out, played out and way after our time". In that case, Id say NOFX will be around for a thousand years.

 Let's face it, maybe Wolves in Wolves' Clothing isn't the best NOFX album to date, but for fans its a must have and far from a disappointment. For the uninitiated, go check out Punk in Drublic.

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