Bruise Reviews: Nicotine - Session

 Asian Man Records  2005

 Never has a band's name been so right on the money as  Nicotine's. Much like their namesake, they are highly addictive and habit forming. However, probably not as bad for your health. Unless of course your bullheaded friends kick your ass for listening to pop-punk.

 Emerging all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, this 4 piece from Chiba, Japan, have done their homework on making catchy pop-punk tunes. Although often times compared to NOFX, I'd say they sound more along the lines of early MXPX or   The Mr. T Experience. That's not to say Nicotine doesn't have a sound uniquely their own. Session, Nicotine's 3rd album on Asian Man Records (I'm sure they have more, but the majority of their website is in Japanese), is a refreshingly original romp on the lighter side of the punk rock spectrum. At first listen, lead man Howie's vocals may have been a little softer than an old haggard punk like myself may be accustomed to, but Session seems to keep making its way back into my stereo. Although the album as a whole is brimming with memorable tunes, I admit the track Tree of the Sun has got me hooked. It's Asian inspired melody is a breath of fresh air, bringing to mind the Dropkick Murphys and the way they touch on the sound of old Irish folk music. And we all could use a little variety on our musical palate in this day of commercialized artistic expression.
Notable appearances include production credits going to The Vandal's Warren "Mutant Boy" Fitzgerald and guest vocals by members of Guttermouth, Death By Stereo & New Found Glory.

 All that aside, Session stands on it's own two feet and is definitely worth checking out. Just consider yourself forewarned, if you pick up Nicotine now, you may not be able to put them down.

 Check out the Website for yourself-

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