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Dear punk rock neophytes,

 Hi, it's us again, the last generation of punkers. Remember us? We let you into our close-knit little scene, brought you to your first shows, and gave you your first beer bong. Yeah that's us. We just wanted to check up on you. It seems to us that as of late, you've been lead astray. What, with The Warped Tour, Hot Topic and Myspace, you have us a bit concerned. And granted we may have dressed a little funny in our day too, but wearing women's jeans and haircuts is taking it a bit far don't ya think? And really, who would ever consider bands like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy or New Found Glory with the likes of Social Distortion, Operation Ivy or Screeching Weasel?  Speaking of Screeching Weasel, they just released a greatest hits album of sorts. And we all feel like this would be a perfect time for you to become acquainted with a band that never succumbed to the pressures of the water downed mainstream.

 Screeching Weasel released album after album (around 20 releases) of songs chuck full of the catchy guitar riffs, nasally angst ridden vocals and a fuck you attitude that made Ben Weasel an icon and put Chicago on the punk rock map. Where as a greatest hits compilation wouldn't fit on 1 disc (due to the multitude of Bitchin' Weasel songs) Weasel Mania is more of a cross section of their 14 year career, 34 songs highlighting the best of each album. It may not be every Screeching Weasel song I would've chosen, but it sure puts those new guy's dicks in the dirt, trust me. Here on Mania you'll find the classics like Hey Suburbia, Supermarket Fantasy, and The Science of Myth as well as a slew of their newer material like Cool Kids, Racist Society and Bottom of the 9th . And as was the case on it's original album (of the same name), the somewhat inspirational tune My Brain Hurts steals the show once again. Mania also has a little something for us elderly punkers too, the rare track, Video (from the 7 inch Four on the Floor), and a plethora of pictures and first person accounts on the band's history will keep us busy as we slip into senility.

 Listen, we'll forgive you on one condition, you take that Simple Plan cd out of your stereo, smash it, then pop this one in. No excuses.

                                           See ya in the pit,
                                                   The middle-aged punk community

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